25+ Dance Photos

Immerse yourself in the rhythmic world of dance. Explore our collection of images capturing the grace, passion, and energy of dancers from all genres, from ballet to hip hop, salsa to contemporary.

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a woman wearing a white dress and sun hat
a group of people holding a flag
a woman in a towel sitting on a bench
a painting of a woman's legs and red shoes
a field of blue flowers
a pile of coins with a coin on top
a woman with long hair
a woman sitting on a bench looking at her phone
a forest of tall trees
a close up of a propeller
a group of fish in a bin
a close up of jelly beans
a group of people performing on a stage
a woman in a hat in a lavender field
a pile of brown nuts
a grass field with trees and a road
a hand reaching out to the sky with a ferris wheel
a group of people performing on a stage
a road going through the mountains
a person holding a melon in a basket
a group of people on a stage
a large pile of onions
a man walking on a sidewalk
a woman in a red shirt and black pants jumping in the air
a person holding a snowboard